Published Works!

This list is small, but like a seed planted in the spring, it is destined to grow.

“Topping the Bill.”  “ Ascent Aspirations, June 2013, Vol. 17 No. 6.  – A destitute woman faces the decision of giving her son up to the one place that will accept him for his special condition. But the price is greater than she anticipated. View Topping the Bill

“Encore.”  cc&d Magazine.(children, churches & daddies), Vol. 244, July/August 2013. Internet ISSN 1555-1555, print ISSN 1068-5154 – An aging rock star re-evaluates his career and the woman he lost while coming face to face with the decision that will forever affect his career. Buy cc&d.

“Graveyard Love” Allegory Magazine, Volume 22/49, Fall 2013. – A college co-ed solicits the help of a voodoo woman in New Orleans to reverse a spell she foolishly placed on her boyfriend. In the end, she discovers why voodoo isn’t to be toyed with. View Graveyard Love

“The Grace of None, Save One” The Wordsmith Journal, October 2013. – In the small village of Nazareth, a group of women discuss the special condition of a local girl, attempting to discern fact from rumor and unable to fathom the impact of how her news will affect the history of the world to come. View The Grace of None, Save One

“Toward The Light” Gravel Magazine, October 2013. – A non-fiction piece about the fascination and the power of destruction of a bug zapper in East Texas. View Toward The Light

“The Righteous and The Wicked” Sanitarium Magazine 21 October, 2013, Issue #014 – A woman seeking reasons behind her husband’s perceived infidelity accuses her sister of sinister deeds during the height of the Salem witch trial hysteria.
Buy Sanitarium Magazine, Issue #014

“Encore.” bare minimum, December 1, 2013. – A aging rock star re-evaluates his career and the woman he lost while coming face to face with the decision of rock-n-roll or love. Buy bare minimum Anthology!

“The One About The Pig and The Silk Purse.” New Plains Review, December 5, 2013 – A young Irish girl fights tooth and nail against her mischievous brothers in their pursuit to ruin her most special day. Buy New Plains Review: Fall 2013!

“Encore.” Art Is Not Meant To Be Touched, December 11, 2013. – A aging rock star re-evaluates his career and the woman he lost while coming face to face with the decision of rock-n-roll or love. Buy Art Is Not Meant To Be Touched Anthology!

“Games Best Played Alone.” Livid Squid Literary Journal, February 4, 2014 – A lonely schizophrenic off his medication spends the evening playing pool as one of his famous multiple personalities emerge to lament the loss of the woman who left him broken-hearted. View Games Best Played Alone!

“Atonement.” Down In The Dirt Magazine. (March/April 2014) – A young soilder British soldier lost in an apartment buidling in Kösel, Germany during World War II comes upon a raped and beaten woman after she makes the ultimate sacrifice, forcing the soldier to face the deamons that drove into joining the army. View Atonement!

“The Bitter Taste of Time.” Time Out of Darkness: An Anthology, May 13, 2014. – An elderly woman still mourning the death of a son who died at the Somme, encounters a man with a fascinating tale of time travel. As he weaves a tale over tea, she allows herself to believe the impossible and contemplates giving up everything she has for one last moment with the son she so dearly loved. Buy Time Out of Darkness at Amazon!

More to come!!!


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