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It’s Getting Hot in Heere!


Hot in Heere!

Three weeks ago, the compressor in my A/C went out. And what has occurred since has felt akin to a clusterfuck of what happens when someone who is used to having A/C in the Texas heat can’t cope too well.

It’s been 20 days to deal with this mess. It took a week for the A/C company, who is directed by the home warranty company for my house, to even come to my house to determine if, and what, was the problem. After 3 weeks of being at my absolute tether, and no one between the home warranty company and the contractor they hired to come to an agreement as to how fix the problem, I just went with an outside contractor. Within an hour of my initial call, they were at my house. With in 5 minutes of looking at my outside unit, they diagnosed the problem (which I’ve concluded the original contractor had misdiagnosed). Now, the next morning, I’m having a complete overhaul of my A/C and heating unit.

Adulting sucks. Buy a house, they said. It will be fun, they said. You don’t have to throw money away on rent, they said. Yeah…


Gutted AC!

I’m not sure if I have the strength to go through a day-by-day account of what I’ve been dealing with these 21 days past. In the June/July summer heat of Texas, my house can average 90 degrees without A/C. Owing to that, I’ve pretty much adopted a nomadic lifestyle, transporting myself and my dog from either hotels, to my mom’s for one weekend, and to my brother’s place for an extended stay, all the while developing horrible eating habits. Perhaps I’m spoiled, but I’ve grown accustomed to my creature comforts. I’ve come to reflect on events earlier in my childhood when my parents would send us out to the country with our elder relatives in the 80s, out in the deep backwoods of East Texas. These are relatives who still had outhouses, were lucky to have electricity, but having A/C was too citified for them. How we survived between that, forced viewings of Wheel of Fortune between prepping a bushel of purple hull peas, I’m not sure. That heat, and this heat of 2021, is not the same. I’m convinced this heat traveled from a different vortex, perhaps from the sweaty, humidity-soaked taint of Lucifer himself. This, what I’ve experienced these last three weeks, is not the heat of my fondly-remembered 80s.

Moving on, A/C techs are here to install a new heating and cooling system that I’m sure is worth more than the current Kelly Bluebook value of my car. All is going well…


And this happened!

And as I was in the process of typing this blog, I heard an odd noise coming from the ceiling, followed by a crunch, looked up and saw a leg dangling from the ceiling of my kitchen.

Yep, someone has partially fallen through my ceiling.

Earlier as I worked on this blog, I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to end all of this blathering. Seriously, who can currently top this?

At least I can sleep in my house tonight. Despite having a giant hole in my ceiling.

I’m done with adulting today.



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